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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mommy's New Toolbox

I've been reading Life Management for Busy Woman which has convicted me to get into God's Word on a daily basis. And Childwise begins in lesson one about giving kids the moral reasons for the behaviors we expect of them. And all moral reasons have a scriptural basis, so once again, I need to get into my daily Bible reading. So as we struggle with our household conflicts- sharing, fussing, tattling, tantrums, bragging, teasing, selfishness, etc. I know I need to be able to point the kids to scripture, so it's not just MY words on why it's not OK, but it's their Heavenly Father's Words. But what verses apply to our every day dilemmas? What verses will show them the right way to handle these issues? Besides my commitment to search the scriptures for more verses, I did find a great list in Creative Correction. What Every Child Should Know Along the Way also has a helpful list of desired character traits with multiple scriptures to reinforce. And while school supply shopping at my local Walmart I came across a cute index card holder for $1 and cards for 33 cents... can't beat that! So you might find random index cards of Proverbs and I Timothy posted around my house- and I hope my kids will soon grasp WHY it's not OK to yank the pillow out from underneath unsuspecting sisters' head and laugh about it while she sobs.

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Reason number 456,321 why I love being your partner in parenting and best fried!